Stig’s Inferno: Minions of Satan! Beware the Visine!

Lichtenstein pop art

We should really write more about Stig’s Inferno, one of the funniest independent comics of the 1980’s. But we won’t now because we have to get up really early and compete for space at the local gym on one of the coveted treadmills and on the weight machines. We’re not sure why Tuesdays are so busy, but there you go. Thank goodness we’re past the first two weeks when all of the New Year’s Resolution people started and then dropped off like flies.  Yay, commitment. Pass it on.

Fortunately, the pool is less crowded on our swim days. Given our propensity to swim all over our lanes and everybody else’s, we often annoyed a group of women that used to swim at our time. Feh. Swimming is a contact sport. Anyway, we switched up our swim days and now there’s no one else at the pool at 6am MWF so we get to bump and crash into each other randomly and frequently without the fear of reprisal from vengeful Amazons that can swim much better and faster than anyone in our group. By the way, side note, one of our group struggles with breathing technique so he purchased a mask and snorkel. After giving it a go and doing quite well, thank you very much, he was gracious enough to buy all of us masks (apparently you can buy multiple packs of snorkeling equipment at Costco). It’s kind of goofy swimming laps in a public pool with snorkeling gear, but wouldn’t you know it, we’re all swimming longer and more comfortably. The heart rate jacks to about the same as a jog on the treadmill and no water in the nose makes the practicality of the equipment’s usage outweigh the eye-rolling we used to get from the more experienced swimmers that we no longer see.

And you thought we were lazy. Ha! Well, we are. If it wasn’t for moral support from each other and from other friends that perform this madness every morning, we would be snuggled all cozy-like for longer winter naps getting fat and more quickly closer to death.

Why are we even writing about this? And now it’s even later. Again with the lack of focus and discipline!

Stig's Inferno

Anyway, that was a nice segue to the post topic. Long story short, Stig’s Inferno is hilarious and should be read. Written and illustrated by comic book veteran Ty Templeton, it’s one of the books that lived too short a time after Vortex Comics imploded. Why, oh why must the good ones pass on so soon?! Oh, the humanity!

But, at least we can enjoy what actually made it to print. Ty’s brother posted all of the issues in their glorious entirety for your reading and viewing pleasure. Seriously, take our word for it – this is funny stuff.

Stig's Inferno

In sum: Stig has a piano. Creatures in it kill him. He ends up in Hell. He has no pants. He has various adventures on the way towards “The Director’s” place (that would be the abode of ol’ Father of Lies himself). Stig falls asleep on the throne of the Prince of Darkness. He is hailed as the new Dark Lord. Other things happen. Scary demons act bureaucratically. Stig is pursued by policemen and a girl he just met. They do not know they are dead. In the end all dogs don’t go to heaven. The children are sad. We rejoice. Not at the children’s sadness but because our post is done and we can go to bed.  ENJOY!

Ty Templeton - Stig's Inferno
Take me to Stig's den!


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