Dmitry Maksimov sees the world in small Cyrillic characters

Russian artThe Russians have always been an enigma to us. Whereas the logical choice for us would be sunshine and coconut milk, some folks prefer cold darkness and blinding alcohol. Who ever heard of such a thing as drinking old potato juice?

There are lots of other things that are different between our two cultures. For example, a Wendy’s Frosty gives us delectable joy every time we have one, whereas stewed cabbage brings delectable misery for the Ruskies. Likewise, we think the Japanese are weird and cuet, but that the Iranians are scary. Russians think the Japanese are annoying and even more annoying while thinking that the Iranians are furry and cuddly. See? The Cold War was good for both of us. It kept our two cultures so far apart we didn’t need to worry about running into awkward situations where we would have to discuss uncomfortable subjects such as “Why are you Russians so pasty?” and “Why are you Americans so awesome?”

Well, we suppose in his wisdom (or naivete – we don’t remember now) Brother Gorbachev realized that his countrymen weren’t doing the world community any favors by covering up all that goodness Mother Russia had to offer. Golly, we didn’t know that our former nemeses are actually rather interesting.

And here we go. The Secret Castle blog frequently exposes art we’ve never seen before. One artist in particular that caught our attention is Dmitry Maksimov. From what we have divined, he is one Russian that actually likes the Japanese. Easy peasy.

Here’s a fan favorite of ours. Screw Hobo with a Shotgun! Don’t mess with this hobo with the … well … some big automatic weapon. The image is rather clever. Good on ya, Dmitry!



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