It’s that time again! We review Asterix and the Big Fight

Asterix Comic Books

The seventh book in the series, Asterix and the Big Fight, is one of our favorites. In this episode, the centurion of Camp Totorum, fed up with his patrols getting smacked around by Asterix and Obelix, concocts a plan to unseat Chief Vitalstatistix by pitting a Roman-friendly chief of another Gaulish tribe against him. According to Gaulish tradition (or at least the tradition of our fictional Gauls), the winner of the one-on-one battle gets ownership of the other’s tribe and therefore gets to prescribe the laws of the losing chief’s people. You can see where this is going.

Speaking of Gaulish traditions, one that was particularly gruesome was the practice of head-hunting by Celtic warriors. It was believed that the head contained a person’s soul, so removing it and carrying it about essentially meant that Celt now owned the essence of previous owner’s separated cranium.  Ew. On a completely unrelated note — do you feel like reading a preachy, controversial soapbox page on the killing habits of humans? Slip on over to the other side.

If you prefer to keep it light, get thee on to the review!

Asterix Comic Books
Careful now! We don't want him saying #@#%{x}!!!

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