From the Twisted Mind of Bruce Jones

Writer/illustrator Bruce Jones, entered the comics scene in the early 1970s. His early work was mostly on horror books. After building up a name for himself, Jones did a bunch of freelance work for Marvel but then struck out on his own with creator-driven titles through Pacific Comics (may it rest in piece) with such series as Twisted TalesAlien Worlds and other independent projects. We particularly liked Somerset Holmes.  During this period, Jones published the short story collection in a four issue mini-series. It encompassed his own work and the series was titled The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones. Bruce was the primary artist with assists by Richard Corben and Brian Bolton. When Pacific went bankrupt, Bruce’s stories were picked up by Eclipse. It too eventually went bankrupt (may it rest in peace) and we were left wondering if Bruce had anything to do with it. More recently, Jones has done mostly mainstream comics like a long run on Incredible Hulk during the early to mid 2000’s.

Here’s a funny short story titled “Boopa: The Jungle Boy” written and illustrated by Bruce and presented in issue #1 of The Twisted Tales of Bruce Jones. It indeed shows the twisted storytelling of Bruce Jones.

Bruce Jones Comic Books

Bruce Jones Comic Books

Bruce Jones Comic BooksBruce Jones Comic Books



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