Pawn Stars: Jimi Hendrix photographs

In this week’s episode of Pawn Stars, art appraiser Brett Maly called Rick Harrison into his gallery for a fantastic find. Jimi Hendrix‘s  personal photographer, Ron Raffaelli, brought in  dozens of unpublished photographs of the rock guitar demigod and his bandmates. The images were absolutely gorgeous. What struck us most was the playfulness in many of the pictures. Jimi looked happy and was clearly having a lot of fun. He would probably have been smiling even more if he knew 40 years hence he knew he’d be receiving recognition from Rolling Stone magazine as the greatest guitarist of all time.

Rick set aside several photographs and offered $10,000. Ron was hoping for $20,000. They settled on $15k or $16 … can’t remember. We would love to see those pictures again. If anyone has screen shots of the ones that were shown in the episode, put them out there. We’ll link over to your site. Ron is releasing his collection of over 40 years of work. His photographs include hundreds of pictures commissioned for rock musicians plus dozens of album covers.  Check out more details on Ron Raffaelli ‘s Facebook page.

UPDATE 12-7-2011: Watch the whole episode online.

UPDATE 4-7-2012: It looks like the user took down the video. We’ll link over to once the 5th Season has been released.
Ron Raffaelli Photography

This is one of the images from Ron Raffaelli’s collection. Apparently, Ron hates spiders but Jimi thought it would be a clever shot. It is. Click on the image to see a press release about Ron.


Also cool was the test run of a purchased sand rail off-road vehicle. The thing was a monster. At the end of the show Rick and Corey raced each other. The sand rail Rick was driving beat out the Polaris RZR Corey was driving. Sand vehicles are crazy. We feel torn, though. Yes, the desert contains very little wildlife but whatever is there is destroyed.  Still, we suppose if the impact is isolated, it would be a hell of a lot of fun to scream around the dunes at 50+ miles per hour.

Off road vehicles

Picture credit for RZR | Picture credit for Sand Rail

Synopsis of the Pawn Stars show.

********************UPDATE on 2/10/2012*************************

One of our readers pointed out that the photographs have actually been published before. Shame, that. Well, at least those of us that hadn’t seen them before became aware of they existed. See the comment below for a link to some nice B/W images.


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6 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Jimi Hendrix photographs”

    1. Hmm. Interesting. Takes a bit of the veneer off the story. Well, that’s pop culture for you. To be transparent, we don’t bother checking our facts either, but our blog isn’t usually very serious and we often note that we’re lazy and lie a lot.

      Thanks for the heads-up. We’ll insert a note into our blog.

    2. To set the record straight, PC, Ron Raffaelli NEVER sold any of his Hendrix negatives or any other famous group he shot for that matter. Some of his Hendrix material along with a few other groups were stolen in the mid-seventies from his Melrose Studio without his knowledge. The
      person who stole this material sold it to the notorious Michael Ochs. It was Ochs who had previously sold some of Raffaelli’s material as prints and also licensed a number of the images for editorial WITHOUT Raffaelli’s PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE! Ochs was very aware that he had possession of copyrighted material that he had no legal right to.
      Ochs sold his entire collection of photographs (even the illegal and stolen ones) to Getty Images in 2007. Getty Images did not do their due diligence regarding the purchase of Ochs archives. Raffaelli became
      aware that his material was in the hands of Getty Images in early 2009.
      Getty Images was asked to return the stolen property. They would not.
      Raffaelli and his partner Cheryl Watkins then endured a four year lawsuit brought against Getty Images that cost them hundreds of thousands.
      A confidentiality agreement does not allow any discussion of the specific settlement, however, Getty Images did return “most of Raffaelli’s negatives….. 1,944 of Hendrix”. Raffaelli’s agents are currently working to have his remaining negatives of a few other groups returned. So, maybe YOU should be the one doing your homework PC as your facts are innacurate! Raffaelli never sold Getty Images anything or anyone else for that matter. Some of the FIRST PRINTS “ever issued by Raffaelli” were purchased by Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars. So, Raffaelli was telling the truth when he says that “these are the first prints that I am showing the world”. And, many of them had “never been seen before”! Ron shot black and white and color. He has more photos of Jimi and The Experience than anyone in the world. Rick Harrison purchased mostly colored prints from negatives that have ALWAYS been in Raffaelli’s possession. The stolen Hendrix material was all black and white. Also, many of his Hendrix images look similar. To make an untrue statement about someone is “totally reckless” and “misleading to others”. To outright state “AND RAFFAELLI SOLD THE NEGATIVES SOME 20 YEARS AGO” is total FABRICATION………. TOTALLY A LIE!

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