Tintin, the Boy Reporter

Adventures of Tintin comic books

While living in Chaing Mai, Thailand in our youth, we became acquainted with several kids  in the international community. What a milieu of adventurous  fun it was to experience so many different types of cultures and interests. Since there were more of everybody else than of us Americans, we had some adapting to do. It became second nature to combine play elements from various locations and cultures … like undertaking action-packed Dutch-speaking G.I. Joe missions, making rules up as we went along for Takraw Football (the American-ish version), telling Thai Pi (ghost) stories and running towards the spirit houses in our back yards to get away from imaginary monsters, and arranging Hello Kitty stickers (which was well before Hello Kitty invaded North America) on our Krazy Kar.  One kid from New Zealand, kind of a geeky, doughy boy, became our best chum in for a few weeks in 4th grade. Don’t rightly remember his name. For some reason “Monty” sticks in our craw, so Monty he will be. Monty was a big aficionado of comic books and in particular, he had these two amazing series we just fell in love with — Asterix and Tintin. Monty would lend them to us during the week and we would devour them over the weekend. The very first Tintin comic book we read was Tintin and the Crab with the Golden Claws. What ho! How could a couple of lads not like us not love the adventures of Tintin, the boy reporter, out and about spoiling the unpleasant doings of nefarious nasties? And with a cast of loonies to provide comic-relief, the books were both exciting AND funny.

Golly, what a time. So, given the impending U.S. release (December 21, 2011) of The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, it seemed right for the folks at Comics A-Go-Go! to begin a series of posts on our favorite Belgian (uh… well, our favorite Belgian excluding the Belgian turned Frenchwoman, Cécile De France).

So, let’s start. We’ll give you the cover gallery from the comic book series and over the course of several posts move on to reviews of the comics, character spotlights, and news about the movie: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.


Tintin Comics
Onward to the Gallery!

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