30 Days of Bad Oral Hygiene

Old Sweater Guy picked up this poster at a Comic-Con. Don’t know why it strikes our fancy, but it does. Since it’s almost Halloween-time, we thought this would be an appropriate time to post it.

30 Days of Night is a vampire horror story based on a comic book mini-series published in 2002  by IDW Publishing.

Credits: written by Steve Niles and illustrated by Ben Templesmith.

Story summary: In Barrow, Alaska, a remote town in the upper reaches of the Arctic Circle that does not see sunlight for 30 days during its deepest winter months, vampires wreck havoc on the townfolk.  Things don’t go well for the humans. Things don’t go well for the vampires. Lots of killing and lots of dying ensues. Generally speaking, not a happy time for anyone in the little borough of Barrow.

Several additional mini-series, a movie, and a straight-to-DVD sequel have been spawned by the success of the original series. After having said in a previous post that we don’t care much for the horror genre except for zombies, we correct ourselves. Vampire movies also have legs (we actually rather liked “Daybreakers” as a good example of a modern vampire yarn). And psychological thrillers. And movies like Haute Tension (High Tension) with twist endings also catch our fancy. Hmm. Ah. Slasher films. We don’t like slasher films. Yeck.

Vampire Comic Book
God? .... no god.

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