KMFDM is no Ordinary Fool

German Industrial MusicKMFDM is a German band formed in 1984 and was instrumental in mainstreaming the heavy-beat industrial sound. KMFDM stands for “Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid.” Since we don’t sprechen die deutsch, we’re not entirely sure what the intended statement means, but it apparently translates into “no majority for the pity.”   There’s more to tell, we’re sure, but whatever. Here’s one of their best songs:

Lyrics to Megalomaniac by KMFDM

Die wunder dieser welt werden dir geschenkt
Gluck ist nicht kauflich sehnsucht bleibt unerreicht
Winken nimmersatt
Kein mitleid fur die mehrheit

Nihilistic mystics
Apostolic alcoholics
Messianic manics
Cataclysmic and prolific

In the age of super-boredom
Hype and mediocrity
Celebrate relentlessness
Menace to society

Refuse is our inspiration
Terrorism our trade
Sabotage and piracy
Chaos our mental state

Mesmerizing festering
Intended for the faint of heart
Cultish and anthemic
Untill death do us part

Like a fiendish tropic virus
Spitting bile at all you whores
Razor-sharp tongue-in-cheek
Poking in your open sores

A wolf in sheep’s clothing
The ultimate disgrace
Wrapped up as a gift of god
Exploding in your face

This is counter culture from the underground
Eternal revolution this is our sound
KMFDM better than the best
Megalomanical and harder than the rest

Wenn der untergrund bebt ist die ordnung erschuttert
Der verrat an der seele macht leben ungesund
Mit unshlagbaren reimen werden wir uns vertreiben
Die zeit der langen weile bis zum grossen bums

And here’s your chaser.

Bugsy MaloneFrom the musical film Bugsy Malone, we get this little darling of a song. Blousey Brown, aspiring singer and object of interest to the titular character, is waiting for a date with Bugsy but, ever the rogue (or so she thinks, since she doesn’t actually know what’s happened to him), his reputation solidifies her assumption that she has been stood up. She realizes that like so many other dames, she has fallen for Bugsy’s charms but should have known better. She breaks into a sad song called “Ordinary Fool.” So forlorn is she …”I shouldn’t cry, but I do.” Be strong Blousey. Be ever so strong.

The song was written by Paul Willliams, sung by Julie McWirder, and acted by Florrie Dugger as Blousey Brown.

Lyrics to “Ordinary Fool” by Paul Williams
Only a fool
Like fools before me
I always think with my heart
Only a fool
That same old story
Seems I was born for the part

Its a lesson that i’ve learnt
And a page I should have turned
I shouldn’t cry
But I do
Like an ordinary fool
When her ordinary dreams fall through

How many times
Have I mistaken
Good looks and lies
For bad news
How many times
Have I mistaken
Love songs and laughs
For the blues

Its a lesson that I’ve learnt
And a page I should have turned
I shouldn’t cry
But I do
Like an ordinary fool
When her ordinary dreams fall through


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