New pics from The Dark Knight Rises set

Bane says: “Mmm. Hm, ffn nnn!”

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bane's face

Check out the pictures posted on ScreenRant. Looks like a combination of sneaked lot shots and officially released pictures.

This is a cool screen shot. We loved the batcycle in The Dark Knight and are glad to see it back for The Dark Knight Rises.

Anne Hathaway as Salina Kyle

We’re getting excited about this movie. It’s not going to suck. There just aren’t enough reasons to worry about that. We hope Anne Hathaway can pull off the Selina Kyle character. She seems to be too saccharine in our opinion but Christopher Nolan does have the ability to pull great performances out of his actors.

Where it all began …

Bane Batman In 1993 and 1994, DC created a mega-story arc with a new character that was physically one of the most difficult foes Batman had faced. Bane had been introduced shortly before the Knightfall story-line.

It’s easy to look at Bane and assume he’s just a hyper-steroidal thug but it’s actually a very cunning strategist. It’s through his criminal mind games that he is finally able to weaken Batman enough to break him (literally … he breaks Batman’s back).

After the Joker, we wondered what kind of villain Nolan could bring us that would make an arch rivalry possible. Given the larger-than-life impact on the Batman story, Bane was an excellent choice if the intent was to super-charge a violent confrontation to culminate the Nolan trilogy.

Tom Hardy definitely has the chops for this kind of character. He is brutishly big (did you see him in Bronson and The Warrior?!) and a fantastic actor. It’s a shame he isn’t about a foot taller though.

At any rate, The Dark Knight Rises will be one of the most anticipated films of 2012 and is sure to be a solid hit.


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