The Girls of Asterix

Of course, no french comic could be complete without the presence of lovely ladies. It’s in the blood. We’d like to note that quite the opposite is true of Tintin. There is virtually no presence of women in that comic. Both Tintin and Asterix were the biggest successes in French comicdom, but it’s important to note that Hergé is Belgian not French. As we all know Belgians prefer a life of austerity.

At any rate, we thought it would be amusing to create a gallery of some of the loveliest of lasses from the Asterix series.  What started out as a fifteen minute exercise ended up as a colossal waste of time. We should have just settled on grabbing some snaps from Asterix and Cleopatra.  But Old Sweater Guy is fickle about being a completionist so here we are. Enjoy.

Various pictures of women from Asterix

Pictures of Panacea from Asterix

Women of Asterix - Mrs. Geriatrix

Pictures of Cleopatra from Asterix

 More Pictures of Cleopatra from Asterix


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