Hard Liquor and a Chaser

Tom WaitsAfter lazily putting together the previous post, we thought it might be a clever idea to match up two songs that otherwise probably wouldn’t be sitting next to each other on a playlist. We’ll play this one out and see if it takes hold. Here again is another harsh song with a chaser to mellow you out afterwards.

Bear in mind that the intent is not necessarily to play a favorite grindcore or alt metal song followed by some pleasantly flimsy bit of whimsy. Harsh doesn’t necessarily mean hard and flimsy doesn’t mean unsubstantial. With that in mind, here is a gritty piece by a man who well knows the bottom of a bottle of fire water. Someone said that when Tom Waits sings it sounds like he’s gargling broken glass. One of our favorite boxes of un-sterilized needles is “Hoist That Rag” (now that’s a fantastic title for a song!) from Real Gone (2004). So, pull up that ratty old armchair with the broken springs that make you lean uncomfortably to one side and spend a moment with Mr. Waits and friends.

Talking Heads New Wave bandFor your chaser, we was tempted to use Owl City’s Fireflies but we’ll save that for later (that would be an appropriate chaser for something like System of a Down, right?). Instead, since Mr. Waits has been around a while, let’s go instead with a song that has some seasoning to it too. We absolutely love this song. “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by Talking Heads is such a delightful piece that it just doesn’t get old no matter how many listenings it goes through. Our favorite lyric is “sing into my mouth.” Don’t know what that means but it’s a lovely sounding phrase. The best version of the song (and of many of Talking Heads songs, actually) is on the two-thumbs up live album “Stop Making Sense.” By the way, we’ll have to write in a future post about the concert movie directed by Jonathan Demme. Hmm. That would actually be a good item to add to the Trading Post list. Anyway, here’s “This Must Be the Place.”

Festa do Interior

It’s shame the band fell apart. There are always two sides to the story so we wonder if David Byrne is really that much of an asshole or if it’s just sour grapes on the parts of the other band members, particularly Tina Weymouth who has been especially critical of David. We haven’t listened to much from The Heads and Tom Tom Club, although “Genius of Love” is infectious. As for David, we appreciate the fact that through his label Luaka Bop he introduced us to Jorge Ben and Gilberto Gil, but especially to Gal Costa’s “Festa Do Interior.” World music owes a lot to David for elevating its presence in the United States. OK, we just have to share “Festa Do Interior.” Don’t think of it as another chaser to “Hoist That Rag.” It’s just a free drink from the gentleman at the end of the counter that looks like a masher but is actually perfectly harmless. Cheers.

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3 thoughts on “Hard Liquor and a Chaser”

  1. Tom Waites is a great “hard liquor”. Raspy voice, gritty lyrics and not known well enough for his song writing and theatrical appeal when appearing in a live cozy gin house in New Orleans.

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