Major Tom A-Go-Go to Space!

In 1969, David Bowie released the album “Space Oddity” with an eponymous song about a fictional character called Major Tom, a space-bound Odysseus of sorts seeking to become free from the bonds of the earth and journey towards, well, who knows what. Bowie was typically high and narcissistic at this point in his career (a point which lasted the better part of four decades and counting). The song is an oddity unto itself. Take a listen and a look-see at the video. By the way, we are uncomfortable with the idea of profiling but from our experience, David typifies the generalization that the Brits have bad teeth. Check out the set of snaggles on this boy-o!

4-3-2-1!  In 1982, German musician Peter Schilling co-opted the character for his own song “Major Tom.” Much better than it’s weird uncle we think. Purists and Bowie fans be damned. Schilling’s version is ethereal and catchy. Great 80’s song we think.

In 2009, Shiny Toy Dolls took the hit song and modernized it (although it will probably sound quaint in 2029, we’re sure). Love the voice. Fits perfectly with the dreamy song.

Need the lyrics? Here you go-go!


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