Black Orchid Covers

Black Orchid is one of our favorite characters in the DC Universe. Very little is known of her and even her name is not secured. She fights crime by impersonation and duplicity (thereby furthering the mystery of who she may be). Like The Batman she is a detective but she also has some superhuman powers such flight and strength. She has appeared seldomly and mostly in backup stories or as a background character.

Black Orchid’s  first appearances were published in the early 1970’s (Adventure Comics #428-430).   A different iteration of her was written by Neil Gaiman and painted beautifully by Dave McKean in a 3-issue mini-series, square bound book.

Here are covers from her first three appearances. Bob Oksner did the cover art. Love the 1970’s feel without the cheap gristmill look.

DC Adventure Comics Black Orchid

DC Adventure Comics Black Orchid

DC Adventure Comics Black Orchid


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