APE Exibitors: Slave Labor Graphics

The Alternative Press Expo to be held October 1-2, 2011 will include exhibitors from across the various disciplines within the alternative comic book industry.

One worth visiting is Slave Labor Graphics (booth #117 118 119 120). SLG serves up over-the-top, dark comedy. It’s been a long time since two of their best publications saw print, but if you don’t have them delve into Milk & Cheese and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

Milk & Cheese Dairy Products Gone BadSpeaking of Milk & Cheese, we completely missed this one. After more than a decade without new material of note, M&C was compendium-ized into a 240pg book of hatred and malevolence. The brain child (or turd) of Evan Dorkin, Milk & Cheese is a what irresponsible comics are all about. There is nothing redeeming about them, no message to be heard and learned from, no artistic merit for personal growth and enlightenment. No, just very angry jokes, lots of liquor, and random and indiscriminate violence. Hmm. Perhaps by showing us that we can hate ALL things equally, we suppose there is thought-provoking instruction to be learned after all. For this we thank you, Evan.

Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad will most likely be available at the SLG booth. If Evan is there, buy a copy, get him to sign it, beg him for a sketch, make sure the book is safely tucked away, and then say “Is there any particular reason you haven’t put out new Milk & Cheese material in a while.” He may say something stupid like: “I think I’ve run the course with the characters and stories. I believe I am in a better place now so there’s just not enough spite in me anymore. I am working on other projects.” If he says anything of this kind, say back to him: “Evan, I will give you something to hate. Go read about yourself on http://www.comicsagogo.com. This will give you reason again to be rankled and put out some new product.”

Reasons for Evan Dorkin to feel hateful:

  • As far as we’re aware, nothing civil has been named after him. That’s right. No bridges, no buildings, no wading pools, no statues, no nothing.
  • Evan was singled out by Al Quaeda as a person of “no-interest.” For an organization that hates pretty much everything, having them indifferent to you makes you about as useless as one can get.
  • Nothing, absolutely nothing Evan has done in the last 10 years has any relevance.
  • Evan drinks soy milk. There, I outed him. Pussy.
  • Evan doesn’t even eat cheese. What the #&*%!?
  • No one at Dark Horse really likes him.
  • We stand corrected. There is a urinal named after him in the men’s bathroom (duh, there are no urinals in women’s bathrooms, although there should be), at the Ballston Metro Station in Arlington, VA. However, true to form, Evan’s name plate is back ordered and since it’s a federal acquisition, it has been paid for but is not likely to ever be produced.
  • It would be too easy and obvious to say something like: “Evan Dorkin wears women’s clothing and paints his face like a 2-bit whore.” Yes, that would be a typical, stupid, lazy piece of maliciousness. But it’s true. So … just sayin’.
  • Even the French don’t care much for him. And they like Jerry Lewis. And they hold Gerard Depardieu in high regard. And they have a president with the last name of Sarkosy (that’s not even French, you damn supposedly purist cave-ins). And they somehow manage to maintain a seat on the U.N. Security Council in spite of not being relevant for, oh, we don’t know, maybe 50 years. So, if the tasteless French can’t even muster some sort of je ne sais quoi, what then? Hold out hope for the Tajiks?
  • His neighbor, Jimmy Babaganoush (we really like that name; thank you MXC), takes a dump in his garden at least once a week and Evan’s too stupid to figure out that his cat Mittens couldn’t possibly produce fecal piles that large. Why does Jimmy do it? Out of disrespect, man. Out of pure, unmitigated disrespect.

Write some more damn Milk & Cheese comics, dolt. Here’s an oldie but goodie.

Milk & Cheese - Merv Griffin

Author: comicsagogo.com

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