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Hellboy has become quite the famous little tyke since he was first introduced during the Hellstorm of Salt Lake City in the summer of 1991. Like all of us, Hellboy went through an awkward, embarrassing period of style mishaps before he lost most of his raven locks due to overuse of hair dryers and has settled into his “I guess there’s no point anymore” approach to personal grooming.

Retro-50’s fashions like the duck-tail hairstyle were popular in the 90’s but Hellboy’s wiry hair made him look like “Kid” from Kid’n Play. To get that just-right look he coveted, Hellboy discovered Dr. Nefarious’ Evil Frog Hell-Gel™. Made from ooze excreted by demonic amphibians, the resulting “Voodoo Hoodoo for the Demon with the Dapper Do!” (you remember the jingle, right?) was Hellboy’s savior on many an occasion when a rockabilly broke out. Can’t do good Razakel rockabilly without the look, baby. Nice singing voice, by the way. Sort of a deep-baratone with smoothness to it some have likened to Rick Astley, another minion of Satan. In this period of his life, he went by the more appropriate moniker, Gelboy. Needless to say, the Anti-Christ and other such creatures of infernal badness couldn’t possibly take him seriously as a Hell-Cop, so it was ironically fortuitous that he went prematurely bald. Too bad. The chicks really dug the “do.” And not just the Undead ones.

Hellboy parody as Gelboy from comicsagogo.com

Who’s YOUR Daddy?

Elvis Presley and Christopher "Kid" Reid
You ain’t nothing but a hell hound, indeed. Elvis sold his soul to the devil for a canister of hair gel years when he was only 16. Doesn’t Satan make glorious music?

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