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Mister X comicsWe have focused much of the attention on this site towards popular movies and music. Returning now to weightier matters, the next phase will include the addition of new resources on comics. The first of what is to come is a picture gallery of Mister X comics. Mister  X is the brain child of Dean Motter, a specialist in “antique futurism” storytelling (meaning stories that are told from the present about the future from the past’s perspective. more on that below). Mister X is the quintessential mystery man. Who is he? Where does he come from? What’s behind those dark glasses? What little we know about him is that he claims to be the architect of Radiant City, an experiment in modern construction where architecture was considered as the primary theme in developing a Utopian community. The thought was that the buildings and city themselves would create  a positive psychological impression on its denizens thereby increasing their productivity and happiness. Tragically, the opposite effect occurred and the residents of the city began going insane. Murders and suicides became commonplace. The dark subculture of the seedy night club world emerged with a cast of gangsters and other not-nice people. Mr. X desperately attempts to fix the abomination he created but finds there are forces working against him. Obsessed with his mission, he injects himself with an anti-sleep serum to allow him to work 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, insomnia has its price and Mr. X must deal with his own delusions and demons.

Mister X Vortex Comics

Why we like Mister X: The film noir and futurist storyline recall the era of seamy city tales of hard concrete and steel where detectives and femme fatales moved through the night on nefarious missions of personal gain and debauchery. It’s an odd thing. Dean Motter writes present stories that could have filled the pages of  pulp novels from the past that then portend of the future that Motter already knows doesn’t exist. He asks us to pretend. We are taken back to the days when art deco was in its prime, women were called dames, and men wore pants up past the bottom of their rib cages (and were still considered cool). In this world, we are asked to step into an alternate future — one which a writer in the 30’s might have conjured up without possibly knowing what would actually happen in reality.  This isn’t a story told about the future. It’s a story told about our future time, but by someone that can only image what it might be like in the context of the era he or she lives in. Make sense? If not, don’t worry. We lost our sense of conciseness about a paragraph ago and we aren’t going to bother re-writing it. Thus the irresponsibility of an unmoderated blog. Here’s to freedom of speech. Cheers.

On to the gallery

Read an interview with Dean Motter from Graphic Novel Reporter

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